Pictures From The Shoebox


Miscellaneous photos May to August 2003


This is just a collection of some of the shots I have made between May and August 2003. There's no theme, no message, just a few photographs. All but two were taken with Leica equipment.

Prints are available of all these photographs. If you are interested in buying any of them you can enquire about pricing etc. via email by clicking here

03BW07404 03BW07529 03BW07604 03BW07927 03BW08009
03BW08117 03BW08125 03BW08312 03BW08435 03BW08812
03BW08916 03BW08927 03BW08933 03BW09002 03BW09012
03CN02815 03CN02825 DCP_1966    

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