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Paris - out on the streets


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Paris and public demonstrations. The two seem to go together so naturally. Whether it's part of the Chinese New Year celebrations or a procession of dahlia growers the photographic possibilities are huge.

I've put together some of my images from Paris that feature people out on the streets. Those mentioned above were great fun, others such as the demonstration by supporters of the far right politician Le Pen had a much darker and more sinister feel to them.

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02BW01607 Whistle seller 02BW01633 Demo flare 02BW01902 Drum 02BW01913 Paris demo
02BW02825 Chinese new year 02BW02826 Chinese new year 02BW02932 Chinese new year 02BW03032 Chinese new year
02BW07310 Le Pen 02BW07317 Le Pen 02BW07318 Le Pen 02BW07529 Le Pen
02BW07601 Le Pen 02BW07604 Le Pen 02BW07606 Le Pen banner 02BW07715 Le Pen

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