Paris in early 2003

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I've created two albums of photographs taken mainly in Paris in the first four months of 2003. The link above will display the other album or take you back to my home page.

03BW03118 rue moufftard 03BW03401 Moufftard street theatre 03BW03406 lovers by Seine 03BW03721 anti war 03BW03836 anti war Kurds
03BW04013 anti war kids 03BW04318 don't drop the camera 03BW04336 Eiffel tower 03BW04411 settee dog 03BW04427 bagpipes
03BW04716 st martin 03BW04727 woman by fountain in buggy 03BW04805 Girls on park bench 03BW05012 Dieppe beach 03CN01901 anti war
03CN02005 anti war 03CN02523 Flea market asleep 03CN02525 Postcards 03CN02534 flea market