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South of the Loire September 2004


September 2004 saw me heading south from Calais in search of the sun. Apart from a huge thunderstorm in Arles and a little rain in Brantome this was a success.

Arles was 'en fete' as you may be able to tell from the photographs. As well as there being pastis fuelled musicians wandering about the town there were bulls to contend with!

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CRW_1378 CRW_1415 CRW_1418 CRW_1421
CRW_1422 CRW_1424 CRW_1426 CRW_1432
CRW_1434 CRW_1466 CRW_1469 CRW_1484
CRW_1485 CRW_1488 CRW_1497 CRW_1518
CRW_1550 CRW_1574 CRW_1582 CRW_1592
CRW_1601 CRW_1605 CRW_1608 CRW_1619
CRW_1625 CRW_1633 CRW_1646 CRW_1654
CRW_1662 CRW_1668 CRW_1674  

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