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Normandy and Brittany Easter 2004 (With a bit of Paris!)


All of these photographs were taken around Easter 2004 in Northern France. The majority are from Normandy and Brittany, although there are a few at the end of the album that were taken in Paris. If should be reasonably obvious which are which!

Although I have spent some time living in France this was my first trip to the northern coast. When I lived there I spent most of my time in Paris - as can be seen in the other albums on this website - so it was interesting to see a part of the world that I'd only really read about. The countryside is every bit as pretty as you would expect rural France to be, but in the case of Normandy it was difficult not to spend time thinking about the events that took place in that part of the world 60 or so years ago and this is reflected in two of the photographs.

All the photographs were taken with a Canon 300D camera, lenses were a mixture of Canon and Leica.


Prints are available of all these photographs. If you are interested in buying any of them you can enquire about pricing etc. via email by clicking here



CRW_0630 artichokes CRW_0639 low tide CRW_0644 wood carving CRW_0656 Honfleur
CRW_0703 American cemetery CRW_0707 American cemetery CRW_0738 Harbour CRW_0740 Mont St Michel
CRW_0742 Church towers CRW_0743 Mont St Michel CRW_0746 Mont St Michel CRW_0797 Cancale
CRW_0800 Posters CRW_0802 Paimpol CRW_0806 Paimpol CRW_0810 Paimpol
CRW_0817 tete de veau CRW_0828 Treguier CRW_0830 Treguier CRW_0839 Watching the boats
CRW_0843 Beach volleyball CRW_0852 Stockings CRW_0862 Pont des Arts CRW_0879 Pont des Arts
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